Disgusting thing for free

Get you free ‘Disgustings things’ copy today. All you have to do is pointing out our new single to five of your friends using this link. That’s it? Yes, that is all there is too it.

Out now: Disgusting Things

cover.thumbnailFinally! A new single by Photo Opportunity! And we’re proud of it too. You can get your own copy here for as little as 0,69 eurocents. Jee, you can’t even get yourself a cup of coffee for so little money. And if that ain’t all: he or she who guesses our special guest vocalist, can win a Photo Opportunity t-shirt

NU TE KOOP: Beta 2.003

To meet popular demand Photo Opportunity decided to make the album beta 2.003 available on line. The complete album can now be purchased as mp3 for a giveaway price at ‘Legadownload‘. All tracks can be prelistened to for free at Legaldownload’s website. Payment is by means of cell phone (The Netherlands only) or credit card. As soon as the payment method of your choice is accepted, you will be able to download the songs to your computer.

Those of you who don’t have an ipod or some other mp3 playing device, and thus are probably the grandmothers of the members of the band, feel free to give us a call. We are more than willing to assist you in burning our songs to a CD.

For that same category of people we have designed two CD-covers you can print out. The do-it-yourself-level of one them is actually so much fun it would almost make you buy a new CD-player!