At first glance a videosong may seem to be an ordinary video clip. But nothing is more untrue.

A song  like Few Additional words is constructed according to the principles of the VJ software Vjamm. This software makes it possible to play on a visual sampler by using your keyboard. By hitting a key not only a sound is produced, but photo’s, video fragments and animations are also evoked. For example, when you strike a central C you hear and see Rumsfeld say ‘A few additional words’. The whole song is construed in this manner. Sound and vision are a complete unity. Manipulating sounds – for example adjusting pitch, timbre or mix – affects the images in a corresponding fashion. And vice versa. Sound and vision are a complete unity: what you hear is what you see, and what you see is what you hear. For this reason we prefer to speak of a ‘video-song’ rather than a ‘video clip’.


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